A simple way to make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary

22 Apr A simple way to make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary

The bedroom is our personal space enabling us to relax, revive and refresh, both at the beginning of the day and at the end. It’s therefore vital to ensure it’s a haven of tranquillity, peace and calmness, which will ultimately help you to sleep soundly. 

Getting six to eight hours of sleep every night can not only help us to wake up feeling fresh, but it can boost our motivation and energy levels the following day. The UK’s sleep deficit is having a negative impact on our overall productivity, with the average Brit only getting around five hours of sleep a night.

With the non-stop buzz of family life, it’s not always an easy process to transform our bedrooms into a calm sanctuary of peace and rest. While we might not be a nation that is very good at turning off our phones and getting an early night, it doesn’t mean we can’t create a space that’s a sanctuary for sleep.

Thankfully, there is a clever way to create a secluded space without spending much money at all like switching up your bed linen.

The average person will spend over 229,961 hours sleeping in their lifetime — so it’s important you invest in some luxurious fabrics that will help you to doze off peacefully. Quality materials, luxurious fabrics and expert craftsmanship are the keys to creating the perfect night’s sleep. It may feel like your options are endless, however, once you’ve defined what comfort means to you, the rest is easy.’ 

When we sleep, it’s important we are as comfortable as possible. As well as the temperature of the room, fabrics play a major role in how we rest at night. Many of us will opt for soft cotton bedding, as it can help to keep us cool during the night, while others prefer luxuriously Tencel or bamboo.


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